Business to Business, find product or company from Croatia


Looking for new high-quality products of small family/ medium sized manufacturers of tea, jam, natural juices, cosmetics from the Croatia and this region? Look no more, we have tham all.

If you are seriously interested in becoming an agent, representative, importer or distributor for one or more Croatian companies/products, the Exond B2B marketplace can help you with that! 

If you are going to open a shop (or revamping an existing one) and you are interested about the Croatian products we have in offer. Please state tham in email what Croatian merchandise you are interested in selling at your new shop.

Please prepare a detailed and reliable resume of your past experiences and current business, along with reliable references, as well as any possible information regarding your next (or existing) shop location.

Please include what type of market you are interested in, as well as a precise listing of the Croatian-made products you would like to represent, then send us your resume by e-mail.

We will review and submit it to the most pertinent Croatian companies. You can expect some feedback quite soon.

Joining an Exond B2B programme allows you to acquire a sought-after Croatian brands, as well as high quality and exclusive products, creating an outstanding combination to make your business more successful.

Partner with Croatian manufacturers