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Our mission is to make life healthier

The Tea-Box-Shop with promoting tea world is way more fascinating than most people give it credit for, just not very approachable. There are too many teas, too many opinions. We started Shwe Hleiga brand because we wanted to share our favorite teas with our friends the only way we knew how, by keeping it simple. Join us in our mission to get everyday people drinking quality tea.

We do things simple and differently. Instead of a conventional blog, we have a section full of life, motivations, and our own tea adventures and experiments. Instead of just selling teaware, we collaborate with local ceramists, and provide step-by-step guides on how to get the most premium brew out of each cup. Instead of choosing from dozens of different types of teas, we've kept our collection short and sweet by hand-selecting only the most distinct teas for each category. We've also added tea profiles broken down into the need to know, tasting notes, fun facts, and various use cases, so choosing a tea is that much easier.

We hope you'll join us in our mission to get everyday people drinking quality tea.

Happy sipping!

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Myanmar (formerly Burma) is one of very few countries where tea is not only drunk but eaten as lahpet - pickled tea served with various accompaniments. It is called lahpet so (tea wet) in contrast to lahpet chauk (tea dry) or akyan jauk (crude dry) with which green tea—yeinway jan or lahpet yeijan meaning plain or crude tea—is made. In the Shan State of Myanmar where most of the tea is grown, and also Kachin State, tea is dry-roasted in a pan before adding boiling water to make green tea. Tea sweetened with milk is known as lahpet yeijo made with acho jauk (sweet dry) or black tea and prepared the Indian way, brewed and sweetened with condensed milk. It was introduced to Myanmar by Indian immigrants some of whom set up teashops known as kaka hsaing, later evolving to just lahpetyei hsaing (teashop).
Teashops are found from the smallest village to major cities in every neighbourhood up and down the country. They are open from the crack of dawn for breakfast till late in the evening, and some are open 24 hours catering for long distance drivers and travellers. One of the most popular teashops in Yangon in the late 1970s was called Shwe Hleiga (Golden Stairs) by popular acclaim in downtown Yangon. Taking into account that our web shop is open from 0-24, and in the name of Shwe Hleiga has mystic symbolism climbs the stairs... golden stairs. And very good rank with search engines for a keyword, after exhaustively conducted professional research we decided to call our brand Shwe Hleiga. With golden stairs to success!


Our herbal teas in piramide and loose contain whole herbs and spices, to retain the essential oils and rich, full-bodied flavours which are often lost in clasic teabags.

Rich flavours

Fresh dried tea leafs and parts blend beautifully in aromatic and full-bodied favorite. Rich colours and full flavor make our tea's wonderful clear but it can be brewed more robustly to support milk and sugar. An intensely flavored version of a classic aromatic blends. Created in close partnership with growers to ensure the utmost equity in trade. Hand made, limited quantities, no artifical flavoures, no aditives.

Just 100% Nature

Tea-Box-Shop.com was founded in Croatia, and blends exquisite herb teas for wellbeing based on herbal natural ingridients with strands of Chinese tea's.
I started the business from my back yard, creating recipes to meet my own needs and those of friends and family. Everything has been made by me, for us, and experimented on and recommended by our growing community of herbal tea lovers. First and foremost, our teas taste amazing – clean, fresh and flavourful. Very importantly, they’re also effective, and contain no hidden nasties such as sugar or flavourings. Simply healthy teas that improve your wellbeing.
Tea-Box-Shop.com mission is to use pharmaceutical quality herbs to blend delicious tea to relieve everyday ailments such as insomnia, tummy problems, and skin conditions, help with weight loss, detox, along with natural teas which can be enjoyed all day, every day to promote health and well-being.
We started out hand-blending, hand-home made, and began small ordering from others. Then we travelled to small family business farmers’ and markets all over Croatia and soon our plan is to expand on region!