Dr Diet - tea 30 days


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100 % Natural blend of traditional herbs
100% Herbal
Boost your metabolism
Start burning stored fat
Suppress appetite and cravings
Naturally raise energy levels
Reduce bloating
Improve skin complexion
Fix digestive issues

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Weight 60 g.
No. of ingredients: 13
When to use: Morning, all day before meal
Natural: 100 % Natural blend of traditional herbs
Ingredients: Rubi idaei folium, frangulae cortex, sennae folium, betulae folium, betulae folium, melissae folium, glycyrrhizae radix, serpylli herba, silybum marianum, sambuci flos, aronia melanocarpa, salvia folium, zingiber officinale, apium graveolens.
Brand: Shwe Hleiga
Made in: Europe
Country of origin of primary ingredient(s): BiH

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DR DIET - tea - food suplement


We are pleased to say here at Shwe Hleiga we have formulated a natural dietary supplement to be brewed.

Lose Weight and Feel Great! Advanced formula Weight Loss Tea!

• Promotes Healthy Weight Loss
• Suppresses your appetite
• Reduces Bloating & Increases Energy Levels
• 100% Natural Herbal Weight Loss Tea
• 2g per Tea pyramide of Premium Ingredients

Shwe Hleiga - Weight loss tea - premium blend mix contains ingredients that will help burn fat, reduce bloating and water retention. The ingredients aim to give you more energy, so you can feel results and be happier and healthier after 30 days of use.

BEST SELLER WEIGHT LOSS TEA - You want to get rid of a few pounds but are struggling with that nagging hungry feeling all the time? Good news, Shwe Hleiga - weight loss tea is here to help! Our unique formula with 13 herbs will help suppress cravings, and give your metabolism a kick start.
HELPS BLOATING & WEIGHT LOSS - beat the bloat with the wonderful 100% natural ingredients.
PREMIUM INGREDIENTS - we have blended the finest loose leaf tea's and herbs known for their weight loss and detoxing properties. We have also included Vitamin c to help maintain a healthy immune system over the winter and guaranna for energy so you won't feel sluggish.
GREAT TASTE - we know how important taste is and you will not be disappointed with this delicious fruit flavor and the amazing results.

Our herbal teas in pyramide and loose contain whole herbs and spices, to retain the essential oils and rich, full-bodied flavours which are often lost in clasic teabags.

Shwe Hleiga hand collect the highest quality, most effective, all-natural loose leaf teas to create the best Tea's and bring it right to your doorstep.
Our teas are made of with all-natural, Gluten Free, GMO Free, Dairy Free and Sugar Free!

All our tea's are blended full of natural ingredients, to aid you in weight loss. Our zero calories supplement is bursting full of antioxidants which may then improve your metabolism, improve the appearance of your skin, reduce bloating and leaving you feel more energised.

Our 100% herbal weight loss tea will give you the most natural help your body likely needs, especially if you have never done it before! It works by helping to break down the fatty deposits that adhere to the gastrointestinal tract enabling it to work more efficiently, within a short period of time you may find you have. 

Dieting but just not losing fast enough or hitting a plateau? Adding Shwe Hleiga - Weight Loss Tea to your plan will help you lose weight and slim down faster! We took 13 all 100% natural ingredients proven to speed up your metabolism and ignite your weight loss efforts and blended them to perfection, formulated by a Weight Loss Expert and Tea Expert with over 20 years experience blending teas.

Use 1 pyramid sachet of tea daily, drink before each meal will help you knock out your:

• Appetite and sugar cravings

• Belly fat and excess weight

• Dieting and weight loss plateaus. Did you know that drinking something warm will calm you down and help you feel full? When you add in the 13 fat fighting all natural ingredients in Weight Loss tea, you have a perfect weight loss enhancer! Benefits of our premium tea:

• Decreases your appetite

• Increases your metabolism and kick-starts weight loss

• Reduces excess water retention that can lead to puffy hands, ankles and feet

• Great tasting and refreshing tea gives you an easy and convenient way to strengthen and boost your dieting efforts.
This tea is also great for your immune system and gives you a gentle cleanse. Our friends love the taste of it, and you will too! It will help you lose weight faster, and give you the energy you need to get things done! 


Here at shwe Hleiga we recommend you embark on an exercise regime whilst tea weight loss plan. During your teatox it is a good time to embark on a healthier lifestyle and eating plan to achieve maximum results. Exercising increases blood flow promoting better circulation also helping organs cleanse themselves effectively.

Whilst exercising we advise you to take it easy and not over work yourself as this can lead to you feeling faint or dehydrated during your teatox. Additionally you should try to drink plenty of water whilst detoxing and especially whilst exercising to keep your body well hydrated.

Choosing the right exercises is also very important, remember walking and swimming are all great basic exercises which will complement a teatox plan. Follow our Brand Ambassador's for more advice on excersise.


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